Financial Planning
for Active Families

At Waller Financial Coaching, we embrace the energy and determination that defines physically active families.

Our services are designed to keep your finances as agile and robust as you are, ensuring that while you’re pushing your limits out there, we’re safeguarding your financial well-being back here.

Your Financial Finish Line Awaits

Triathlons demand precision, pace, and persistence—the same goes for your financial journey.

Our e-book Financial Independence for Triathletes equips you with the strategies to sprint past financial uncertainty and toward a life of balance.

Ready to break away from the pack?

    Embarking on a financial planning journey can feel overwhelming, particularly when your days are filled with training sessions, family activities, and everything in between.

    With Waller Financial Coaching, you have more than just a financial advisor—you have a partner dedicated to supporting your unique lifestyle, ensuring that your financial plan is as resilient and active as you are.

    We Do Our Best Work With

    Nice People

    Partnering with nice people allows us to build not just financial plans, but lasting bonds of trust and mutual respect.

    Diligent Savers

    Saving diligently is an art and our expertise lies in maximizing the impact of your savings, ensuring every dollar works as hard as you do.

    Moderately Complex

    We excel in unraveling financial complexities, providing clear and effective strategies for every unique situation.

    Long-Term Guidance

    Our clients know that personal finance is about winning in the long game. A short-term fix or get-rich-quick scheme is not what they are looking for.

    Our process

    Embarking on a financial journey with Waller Financial Coaching is like training for a triathlon — it requires precision, trust, and a tailored plan. We’ve streamlined our process into three simple steps, ensuring that you’re set up for success from the get-go.

    WFC - Testing (Quick Call)

    Quick Call

    Kick off your journey with a quick, no-obligation call. Here, we’ll touch base on your financial goals and aspirations, much like sizing up your bike before a big race. 

    Test Ride

    Dive deeper with a test ride, where we analyze your current financial landscape and start crafting a personalized plan that’s as robust as your training regimen.

    On-going Advice

    If we’re a good fit, we’ll embark on the journey of ongoing advice, continually adjusting your financial strategies just as you would fine-tune your training.

    Hey, I'm Justin...

    Certified Financial Planner+ 6x IRONMAN Finisher

    As a financial planner and an endurance athlete, I know life’s a marathon, not a sprint.

    That’s why I launched Waller Financial Coaching – to help families navigate the financial aspects of their active lives, ensuring they’re as prepared for their financial future as they are for race day. 

    Our clients are a lot like you

    Path to a Satisfying Early Retirement

    Laurence & Linda

    From Playgrounds to Cap and Gowns

    Brad & Catherine

    Pivoting with Purpose

    Jay & Emma

    Memberships & Alliances

    Balance in all things is what Waller Financial Coaching stands for — whether it’s balancing your portfolio or athletic pursuits.

    We blend the precision of financial planning, accredited by the CFP Board and NAPFA, with the passion of triathlon, represented in our affiliations with the Chico Tri Club, TBF Racing, and the Yuba Sutter Tri Club.

    Together with the forward-thinking XY Planning Network, we ensure our services are as dynamic and determined as the clients we serve. 

    We know you are active and busy.

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    Podcast & Posts

    Here, you’ll find a blend of topics ranging from achieving financial independence while pursuing athletic excellence to balancing the demands of training with effective money management.

    Our content is designed to empower you, offering the latest trends, expert advice, and inspirational stories from fellow athletes who have mastered the art of juggling financial stability with a passion for sports.

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