Since Money Mile stands at the corner of triathlon and personal finance we like to highlight the age group triathletes who are the lifeblood of our sport. In our interviews, we’ll shine the light on good people doing great things.

In this interview with Julie Dunkle, you’ll hear about her journey with triathlons, her winning spirit, and her recent challenges. Learn how Julie is adapting through adversity and showing the Ironman spirit through hard times.

Drop your shoulder blades into your back pockets, pick your eyes up, make sure you have a nice forward lean from the ankles and press play to hear this conversation during your long, steady run.


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Julie’s journey into the world of triathlons

Julie Dunkle started racing in triathlons 17 years ago. She was a swimmer in college and after college, she started running. When she got injured one day she bought a bike to keep in shape then by happenstance she did a triathlon with a friend and became hooked. She jumped into the triathlon world full force–right off the bat she wanted to do a 70.3 and an Ironman.

Julie was successful early on in her triathlon career and races every tri to win. Julie is an 18-time Ironman finisher and has gone to Kona 8 times. She is most proud of winning the age group title at the 2021 World Championships in St George last May.

Julie is in the process of overcoming adversity

Julie had been at the top of her game this year until about 9 weeks ago when she realized she had a stressed foot with edema around the bones. This took her away from running for a while so she hopped on her bike to train there.

Unfortunately, just 4 weeks ago she had a bike accident and fractured her femur. Julie felt despair without the ability to exercise at all. Thankfully, her surgeon recently said she wouldn’t need surgery on her leg and gave her the all-clear to start swimming again. Elated by this small win, she jumped right back into the water.

While she felt a tendency to wallow in self-pity, she realized that the only thing she could control about her situation was her mindset. The simple fact that she could swim again buoyed her spirits and gave her a new lease on life. Never would she have thought that she would feel so happy to simply get back into the water again. This small step forward has her back to setting goals.

NYX Endurance Coaching

Since Julie has seen firsthand the benefits of having a coach, she launched NYX coaching as a side gig before the pandemic. Coaches play a major role in the success of an athlete. A good coach is able to read the athlete to see what it is they really need. For instance, most coaches have to push their trainees forward, but hers has to help her hold back so she doesn’t overdo things.

Now Julie coaches full-time with three other coaches and together they work with 25-30 athletes. She loves supporting her athletes while building community and the power of connection.

Listen in to hear what her best and worst investments have been and how Julie is planning to get back to the top of her game.

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