Have you ever been a race day volunteer? Volunteering at a race is a way to gain perspective on what it means to be an Iron Man. On this special episode of Money Mile, I share my experience as a bike aid station volunteer at the 2022 California Iron Man.

Listen in to hear what you can learn not just from the Iron Man champions, but from all those that choose to sacrifice their time and energy for the sake of becoming an Iron Man.

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The 2022 California Iron Man race

The 2022 Iron Man California course consisted of a 2.4 mile downstream swim, a two loop 112 mile bike ride on a flat course with a decent road surface, and a mixed course 26.2 mile run with many turns and plenty of beautiful scenery culminating near the state capitol building.

If you have never volunteered at an Ironman race, I highly recommend it. I helped racers rack their bikes and facilitate bathroom breaks at the 3rd bike aide station at roughly the 38.5 and 94.5 mile point on the course.

Around 2500 competitors began the race. Even though only one man and woman can win the race, there were roughly 2500 people challenging themselves to do their best to complete this grueling competition.

By completing an Iron Man competition you create an anything is possible mindset

Months and years of energy, effort, emotion, and training go into preparing for an Iron Man race. By challenging yourself to an Iron Man race, you put yourself in a position to do hard things better than you ever thought possible.

Not every competitor was built to win. Completing the race in 8 or 9 hours is certainly an accomplishment that takes a tremendous amount of work, but just the act of finishing can be a grueling feat that takes perseverance and an anything is possible mindset.

When times get tough, a race like this can bring out the best in people. In today’s society, we regularly hear about horrendous things that people do to each other. Seeing what these 2500 people were able to put themselves through helped restore my faith in humanity and showed me the best in other people.

What could be possible if you were willing to put in the effort?

Whether you finish your day on the podium or not, thank you for giving your best effort, working through the challenges, and inspiring others to do the same.

For your homework, I encourage you to think about what might be possible for yourself if you want it enough and are willing to put in the work it takes to achieve it. Be inspired by these stories so that you can put forth your best effort. With hard work, you might be able to accomplish something inspiring.

Remember if you work out, everything else will too.

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