What Are We Doing Here? Ep # 2 

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Money Mile is designed to help active professionals work toward an active and phased financial independence while ultimately leaving a meaningful legacy. Does that sound like you? I encourage you to have a listen to … Read More

The Warm-Up Lap, Ep # 0

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Are you looking to improve your financial outlook one mile at a time? If so, you’re in the right place. Money Mile is created for people who are interested in improving their long-term wealth-building strategies … Read More

COMING SOON! ~ Money Mile Podcast

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LAUNCHING JUNE 1ST, 2022! Designed for active people looking to be active throughout their lifetime. We break down complex financial topics into mile-sized bits of education to help you make decisions confidently. Each episode is … Read More

How Much is Enough?

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Triathletes are typically goal-oriented folks with strong work ethics and a mindset that helps endure difficult things. You choose to push yourself and achieve the best that you can to the point that “DNF” is … Read More