Your Best Resources: Time, Skills, Energy, Money

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Putting your best resources to good use is essential. The same principle applies whether you are planning your financial future or training for a triathlon.  For example, if you’re preparing for the latter, you should … Read More

How Your Financial Life is Like a Triathlon

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A friend of mine recently began training for a triathlon, which was not all that surprising. He is in great shape, loves to exercise, and is always looking for a new challenge. However, in spite … Read More

Foundation #4 – Use Debt Wisely

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Debt is borrowing money from someone and promising to pay it back at some future date or  over time.  Businesses borrow money all the time to expand, provide more services etc.  For individuals concerned about … Read More

Foundation #3 – Build Wealth Systematically

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There are lots of ways to build wealth.  Here are three common factors in many of the most successful strategies.  When these factors are combined, good things can happen in a relatively short amount of time. 1) … Read More

First Foundation of Financial Fitness

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There is a lot more to Financial Fitness and Independence than just a foundation, but you have to start somewhere, right? So I am going to share with you my first of 5 Foundations For … Read More