Do you feel like money just slips through your fingers when you get it? Learning to manage your cash flow is an essential part of your financial training. Without this key component, it will take you even longer to reach financial independence.

Cash flow is the equivalent of nutrition and hydration in your financial training plan. Today, you’ll learn how to handle your cash flow at the sprint level. At the end of this episode, you’ll feel empowered to manage your cash flow and direct your resources in ways that are important to you.

Listen in to learn how to manage your cash flow while accumulating your resources to achieve financial independence.

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How cash flow is like nutrition

Cash flow can be compared to nutrition: similarly to calories and nutrition entering and exiting your body, your money flows in and out of your household each month.

If you have more money going out than coming in, eventually you’ll go broke. Similarly, if you don’t have enough calories to fuel your body your body will achieve a comparable result.

The way that we eat is important to provide nutrition to our bodies. If you eat junk food all day your body won’t perform the way it should. Likewise, if you spend your money on frivolous expenses that don’t improve your quality of life you won’t be able to get ahead financially.

Balance is vital in both nutrition and cash flow.

A well-balanced diet means that you are eating the right types of foods in the right amounts for your body to do what you want it to do.

A well-balanced cash flow plan allows you to live a great life now as well as in the future.

To achieve a balanced cash flow it is important to do three things:

Finding a happy medium

Even though we are often fascinated by people who go to extremes, it’s not a good idea to spend every penny or save every penny. Spending every dollar you earn means you will only have Social Security to sustain you at the end of your days. If you go to the other extreme and save every penny you make you won’t be able to enjoy your life now. The key is finding what is important to you. Listen in to learn how to balance your cash flow so that you can enjoy life now while pursuing financial independence.

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