How Much is Enough?

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Triathletes are typically goal-oriented folks with strong work ethics and a mindset that helps endure difficult things. You choose to push yourself and achieve the best that you can to the point that “DNF” is … Read More

How Much Are You Saving?

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How Much Are You Saving

In a recent post, I suggested that you save more for yourself than you pay to the government. You can learn how to calculate how much you are paying to the government by following this … Read More

The FIRE Movement vs Work Till You Die

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In our polarized world, extremes often get highlighted. For example, in a recent study, the Federal Reserve Board concluded that 40% of Americans can’t afford to pay for an unexpected $400 expense. However, this often-cited … Read More

The Top 5 (Positive) Takeaways from Covid-19

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As the COVID-19 death toll rises, it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to focus on the positives. Millions of people fear for their lives, while millions more fear for their income, livelihood, and … Read More