Science educator and health and wellness coach, Dr. Denise Allen joins me today to discuss her incredible healing journey back to becoming a top-tier triathlete.

Not only has she had the opportunity to race at the 2023 World Triathlon Championships, but she also received the 2022 USAT Multisport Most Inspirational Comeback Award. Denise’s story will inspire you to push yourself to your fullest potential by choosing courage over fear.

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How Denise got started as a triathlete

Denise has been a health and science high school educator for 30 years and has recently added health and wellness coach to her resume. She began racing triathlons in 2010 and started her triathlon experience by going all in with a 70.3 as her first race. After jumping in with both feet she found that she loved everything about the sport–the people, the terrain, the energy.

While there was a steep learning curve, she was excited to rise to the challenge. Nowadays she feels that success is defined by just getting to participate, experience joy, and continue to grow as a triathlete.

Denise’s best triathlon investment

After getting hit by a car and sustaining serious injury, Denise has a solid appreciation for a quality bike helmet. She attributes her Rudy Bike Helmet to saving her life.

She even enlightened me to the fact that there is an expiration date stamped on the inside of each bike helmet. While it is important to replace your helmet about every 3 years, it’s important to keep up with the latest safety standards and to ensure that your helmet isn’t expired. So, go check your helmet!

How Denise adjusted her training to come back as a triathlete

Since her bike accident, Denise has had to relearn how to be an athlete. After multiple surgeries, her body is much different than before. Typical racing forms and what used to work for her are no longer ways that she can race. She has had to learn to do what works for her repeatedly.

While keeping up her physical therapy and training has been important, so has her focus on nutrition and quality sleep.

Listen in to discover how she has learned to overcome her PTSD to get back to road biking.

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