Here at Money Mile, we love to shine the light on good people doing great things in the sport and our guest today is so positive that her own light shines through on this episode.

Pam Coley is a successful small business owner, mother, grandmother, and an average person who enjoys triathlon. On this episode, you’ll hear how she got into the sport, her tips for dealing with race day anxiety, and all about her road to Kona.

You won’t want to miss out on feeling Pam’s inspirational presence. Press play to hear the interview.


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How Pam got started in triathlon

Like most people, Pam didn’t start out as a triathlete. She was introduced to the sport by her (future) husband. In 2007, she volunteered to be his sherpa at an Ironman. While she was daunted by the distances of the race she was intrigued by everyone there giving their all for their sport.

Pam never thought she could do an Ironman, but she decided to try a super sprint with her daughter. While the distance was relatively short, that first race felt as intense as an Ironman for her. She loved the challenge and kept at it.

How Pam defines success

Pam has noticed that she defines success differently for different races. Sometimes she’s just happy completing the course, and other times she’s out there to podium.

The best investment in triathlon that Pam has made has been in hiring a coach. In addition to all the valuable training she has received, she has learned about self-discipline and nutrition.

How Pam managed to shave 40 minutes off her 70.3

Pam has discovered that triathlon is all about the mindset. One of the most notable times where mindset has contributed to her success was at Chatanooga where she improved her 70.3 by 40 minutes from last year!

The way she dropped such a significant amount of time was by looking for ways to improve her race. She worked hard on her weakest area–the swim–and became consistent with her training. One thing that has helped her with consistency is the Training Peaks app. Since she likes to see the completion each day, she gets her workouts in so that she can meet her goals on the app.

Another area in which she has improved is nutrition. She didn’t pay much attention to nutrition before but now she focuses on keeping up nutrition during her training and on race day. She incorporates much more hydration and uses gels and high-calorie Skratch.

Pam’s advice to other triathletes is to believe in yourself. Don’t let other people tell you that you can’t do something. With hard work, you can make your goals happen. Listen in to hear the details of how she reached her goal of qualifying for Kona and how she keeps anxiety at bay–especially during the swim, her most challenging part of the race.

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