Jamie So has participated in 19 Ironmans and over 70 half-Ironmans. She has even raced the Eagleman 70.3 for 18 consecutive years.

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How Jamie got started in triathlon

Jamie was first exposed to triathlon by watching the 2003 Kona World Championships. She didn’t realize it was such a big race–she just wanted to go on a trip to Hawaii! However, as she watched the race, she got to thinking about what it would take to complete such an event.

When she got home she decided to try a half-Ironman. That was she could set the bar high but not overdo it.

For her, the run was the most daunting part of the race since she had never run more than 10 miles. She just had to figure out how to put all the training together to make it through the race.

Although the half-Ironman was a challenge, it wasn’t too overwhelming since she is always looking to push herself beyond her comfort zone.

After completing a few half-Ironmans, she worked her way up to the full. She still remembers how nervous she was–her shaky hand as she clicked the mouse to sign up for the race.

How Jamie defines success

What she has learned by pushing her limits as she has gotten older is to maintain an anything-is-possible mentality.

Each race presents its own challenges. Whether the challenges are in nutrition, injury, illness, or on the bike, what she has learned is to keep moving forward.

Jamie now realizes that the perfect race doesn’t exist. Simply completing each race is an exercise in overcoming adversity.

At the end of the day, her pride comes from overcoming the circumstances and acknowledging that she pulled through.

Jamie’s best investment in triathlon

Jamie’s best investment has been in finding the right team. She reflects on the support of her family and friends but also acknowledges the progress she has made with her professional support. Her team includes her chiropractor, massage therapist, doctors, bike repair, and coach. They provide her with professional guidance and structure to help her through the challenges she faces on and off the course

The biggest turning point in her training came when she decided to hire a coach.

While she can’t say what the future holds, she does understand that as she ages she must make adjustments for her changing body. Participating in triathlons has allowed her to test her limits. She knows if she puts her mind to it, she can overcome anything.

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