On this episode of Money Mile, I had the opportunity to chat with Allison Trucillo–a mom, a physician, and a triathlete. In this episode, we discuss how Allison got started in the sport, what she considers her best investment in triathlon, her accomplishments, and so much more.

Listen in to hear how this dedicated triathlete made it to the World Championships in only her second year of racing.

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How Allison started as a triathlete

Allison started her triathlon journey when she was pregnant with her first child. Her gym hosted an indoor triathlon and she had such a great time doing it that she sought out a local sprint race in her area.

One of the first things she noticed about the sport was how cool the community was. Everyone she met was supportive and helpful.

Allison didn’t simply dip her toes into the sport–she ended up finishing that first year by competing in a 70.3. Since then she has competed in several 70.3s and qualified for the World Championships in Utah twice.

Listen in to hear the non-traditional way that Allison qualified for her first World Championship race and why she felt relieved when she qualified for the second one.

The best and worst investments in triathlon

It was only after she qualified for the world championship that she invested in coaching. Allison feels that her best investments in triathlon are her coach, her team, and her time. Every day she devotes some time to the sport.

On the other hand, Allison has discovered that the biggest waste has been comparing herself to others.

The community has played a role in her success as a triathlete

Allison feels the love and support of her triathlon team. It is a positive atmosphere and welcoming community. When she started triathlons, she immediately noticed that other triathletes took time to teach her along the way.

Since there is a lot of jargon in the sport it can seem overwhelming, but she felt like she learned a little bit with every race. She highlighted the fact that the most underrated part of triathlon was the supportive community.

Overall Allison sees the triathlon sport as a positive impact on creating a healthy life with a welcoming community. It’s not easy but it has been the best thing for her. She has poured her heart and soul into the sport.

She defines success as doing something you truly love and improving along the journey. She remarked that when you commit yourself to doing something and set a goal to accomplish it, anything is possible.

Listen in to learn what she does to stay ahead of the pack.

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