Investment Management

Three types of situations when clients are looking for investment management advice:

  1. Clients are already working with an investment professional they know and trust. They do not want to leave their current investment manager, but know they need more strategic and comprehensive financial planning advice.
  2. Clients are interested in managing their investments themselves, but may want a second opinion or some suggestions. Investment management might be a burgeoning hobby or personal interest for them or they might have been doing it themselves for years.
  3. Clients do not have someone they trust to help them manage investments, do not want to manage investments themselves and want someone else to do it.

When a client is working with someone they trust, there may not be any reason to change. I can provide a second opinion if needed and can act as an objective 3rd party to help improve your investment experience over time.

For clients who are interested in managing their own investments, I act as an educator and sounding board. I help these clients understand the difference between strategic investing and legalized gambling.

When clients do not have a trusted investment professional and they don’t want to manage their investments themselves, clients can utilize my investment management infrastructures. This allows clients to feel comfortable knowing their investments are professionally and independently managed without having to do all the work themselves. This is a service I provide to clients as needed and separate fees are charged for investment management. Those fees are charged as a percentage of assets under management. You can learn more about our investment management philosophy¬†here.