Jenn O’Keefe isn’t afraid to break free of her comfort zone. In this episode of Money Mile, you’ll hear Jenn’s story, her challenges, her ups and downs, her proudest moment in triathlon, and so much more.

Jenn even opened my eyes to a new triathlon challenge I had never considered before. Listen in to hear what it is.

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It’s never too late to start as a triathlete

Jennifer O’Keefe was never an athlete. She didn’t play sports in high school and had never even swam. However, she isn’t afraid to try new things. Jenn got started in triathlon like many of us–as she was recovering from a running injury a friend persuaded her to jump in the pool to work out. Later she bought a bike and then decided to put them all together. This was back in 2014. Since then she has competed in several 70.3s and Ironmans.

How Jenn trains

Jenn trains with Equinox Sports Club and loves the team aspect of triathlon. As a social competitor, she looks out for her teammates and appreciates it when they look out for her.

One of the positive aspects of the pandemic was the social training apps that came from it. Jenn feels like her Kickr was one of the most valuable training tools that she has purchased. She regularly trains with her team using the Kickr and apps like Zwift and Trainer Road. This way she can get her miles in without having to leave her house all while socializing with her teammates.

Jenn’s accomplishments in triathlon

Jenn dropped 7 minutes from last year’s Oceanside time. She attributes this improvement solely to her run since she struggled a bit with the mass harbor start and some technical challenges on the bike. She had really focused on her running training and it paid off.

Success means different things to different people and even at different times in their lives. Rather than focusing on making it to the podium, Jennifer measures her success on how good she feels on race day. If she felt good that day, then it was a successful race.

Jenn is not only proud of her accomplishments in the sport but also of how triathlon has changed her life. She attributes her training to helping her improve every aspect of her life. Doing hard things that are outside her comfort zone has led her to become a better person.

Listen in to hear an unusual problem that Jenn struggles with when she races. Send me an email and let me know if that is something you struggle with too.

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