Total Body Fitness creates a positive impact on over 6000 athletes each year! However, Total Body Fitness doesn’t just put on races they also introduce and train new athletes in the sport of triathlon.

On this episode, Mark Shaw and Bill Driskill join me to discuss how they have been spreading the sport of triathlon to the world for over 30 years. Listen in to learn how they help people overcome barriers to create lifelong athletes.


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How Mark and Bill started Total Body Fitness

Mark Shaw and Bill Driskill have been creating opportunities for athletes and potential athletes for decades. As a personal trainer, Bill noticed that people were approaching their workouts and their lives the wrong way. That’s when he decided to strike out on his own. He convinced Mark to quit his job and help him start Total Body Fitness. Their goal was to help educate people by creating a fun way to get healthy. Through fun and play people would learn to take care of their health and fitness.

The focus of Total Body Fitness today

Today Total Body Fitness puts on dozens of events each year ranging from youth triathlons to super sprints, sprints, and Olympic distance triathlon races. In addition to their races, they also offer year-round training classes for the swim, bike, and run. They even offer travel events in far-flung places like Thailand!

Overcoming the barriers to triathlon

The biggest challenge people have with starting a triathlon is the swim. Open-water swimming is daunting for most people. With the guidance of the Total Body Fitness experts, people have overcome their fears to compete in triathlons at a range of levels. They even took one non-swimmer all the way to compete in an Ironman in just 20 weeks!

One way that Mark and Bill have lowered the barrier to entry for aspiring triathletes is by creating super sprint triathlon races. By creating accessible goals people can ease into the sport in a fun way and build habits that can last a lifetime. Northern California triathlon would not be the same without Mark and Bill.

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