How can you perform at a top level in your triathlon? Learn from those who are doing their best!

In this episode of Money Mile, we explore the intersection of triathlon and finance with Rebecca McKee. Rebecca has learned how to overcome obstacles to do her very best. She shares her journey by discussing her experiences and challenges in this open conversation. Listen in to learn what you can do to maximize your training.

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How Rebecca got started in triathlon

Everyone remembers their first triathlon, and for Rebecca McKee, her first triathlon was special. 20+ years ago, she competed in the women’s only Gold Nugget race in Alaska, and even though she was nowhere near the front of the pack, just finishing felt like winning. She knew then and there that triathlon would change her life. Triathlon is who she is; it has changed her life in ways she never would have imagined.

Since that first race, she has become a coach and runs a metabolic lab that brings science and training together to produce results.

How Rebecca defines success

At 51, Rebecca defines success as not getting hurt. She brings to attention the difference in training during menopause. She notes that while most understand the hormonal changes of menopause, not many people discuss the way that their training should change based on the symptoms or the way they should listen to their body.

Overcoming challenges to do her best

Rebecca has had to overcome some obstacles to compete in triathlon. From an enlarged liver to a lipoma that caused her to have to switch bikes, she has always found a way to work through her challenges. One thing she has learned throughout is that it is important to spend money on quality gear that fits her needs.

Rebecca feels that nutrition is often overlooked. She mentions that oftentimes triathletes take in the wrong nutrients at the wrong times.

Another way she has invested wisely in her triathlon training is by hiring a coach. Her coach has helped her adapt to the challenges she has and work through her limitations. Along with her coach, she has a team of people helping her perform her best.

Listen in to hear how you can improve your nutrition during a race.

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