Since Money Mile stands at the corner between triathlon and personal finance, we want to take the opportunity to highlight some amazing triathletes who are doing great things to further the sport.

On this episode of Money Mile, you’ll hear from our first special guest–Cathy Casey. Cathy shares how she levels up her triathlon experience, builds her confidence, and helps others improve their performance on race day. Make sure to stick around until the end of the episode to hear about a special cause that Cathy is involved in that is near and dear to her heart.

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How Cathy got into triathlons

Cathy Casey was an age group swimmer as a kid but transitioned to track in high school and went on to run track in college at the University of Texas. Although Cathy was not a long-distance runner, she began training for marathons and has moved on to triathlons. Cathy has been participating in triathlons since the late 90s and is a triathlete and a triathlon coach. She has completed 7 Ironmans and multiple 70.3s and is now on her way to Kona. Cathy was the first female head coach hired at SMU in Texas. After nearly 20 years there she left to begin her own coaching practice in Austin, Texas.

Cathy set her sights on Kona

While Cathy has completed multiple 70.3s, she prefers Ironman because it feels amazing when you cross the finish line. She feels like there is nothing else like it.

Her goal was to qualify for Kona so she stepped up her training this year. After reaching the podium at a 70.3 in Galveston she set her sights on the next Ironman. That was the race that qualified her for the World Championship.

Mindset is a huge component of the Ironman

During her training, she felt as though she didn’t push herself as far as she could go. She knew she had to change her mindset and believe in herself on the bike. Since that is her weakest area, she didn’t think she could be a true competitor. Even though this was her first full distance since before Covid, she raced hard and built on her progress. She says of her training and success, “You figure out what is possible rather than dwelling on what you can’t do.”

Cathy believes that success in Ironman hinges on your mindset. The ability to get out of your head and talk yourself out of your lows so that you can reach your highs is an underrated aspect of the sport. Listen in to hear more about Cathy’s advice to other triathletes. You won’t want to miss what she says about recovery. Press play to hear this interview with a dedicated triathlete.

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