Are you looking to improve your financial outlook one mile at a time? If so, you’re in the right place. Money Mile is created for people who are interested in improving their long-term wealth-building strategies so that they can live their best lives.

I’m Justin Waller, your personal financial educator and the host of the Money Mile podcast. Welcome to The Warm-Up Lap!

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Is the Money Mile podcast right for you?

You may be wondering why you need a warm-up episode for a podcast. That’s because Money Mile is not your average financial podcast. It is designed to be consumed one mile at a time which is why you’ll want to warm up first.

In my financial practice, I thrive on helping engaged clients who look forward to living life to its fullest, a phased retirement, and leaving a meaningful legacy. Money Mile is created for a similar audience who also enjoy an active lifestyle.

Since each episode will be between 8-10 minutes long, runners and triathletes will find that the content fits nicely into a mile’s run. Each episode is broken down into an easy-to-follow structure with an action step to work on at the end.

Press play to learn how you can maximize your time and work towards your financial goals while also working towards your fitness goals.

The reason I created Money Mile

My goal in producing the Money Mile podcast is to educate you on how to improve your long-term wealth-building strategies so that you can live your best life.

In the first several episodes, I’ll help you build a base level of financial knowledge so that you can build your confidence and avoid costly mistakes. This will set you up to you shift your financial situation forward toward a meaningful result.

Effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility are keys to reaching your financial goals

To reach your financial goals you’ll want to be effective, efficient, and flexible.

You’ll want to establish effective goals to get you where you want to be. Effective goals will ensure that what you are doing will get you closer to the finish line.

Just like with your workouts, it is important to work efficiently toward your financial goals so that you aren’t wasting your effort or resources. Wasting time, energy, or money will make you work longer and harder to achieve your goals.

Situations change and goals change too which is why being flexible is an important component to setting goals. You’ll want to be able to adjust your course as you work towards your goals.

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Remember if you work out, everything else will too.

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