New Clients

We exist to help our clients use their success to enhance the kind of life they want through all of the stages of their lives.

We make it a point to spend the required time upfront to really get to know new clients to ensure that the relationship gets off to the right start and that the initial plans that we put in place are the correct ones. Our initial Discovery Meeting is always complimentary and you can learn more about the fees for our work here.

Our new client process involves the following meetings:

    Ongoing Relationships

    From the outset, we engage our ongoing relationship clients in a thorough planning process.

    This includes an in-depth conversation to identify financial and non-financial goals. From there, we generate planning scenarios to incorporate a range of assumptions that illustrate the impact decisions can have on achieving those goals.

    We provide a comprehensive review of the components that contribute to a successful planning strategy, such as goal tracking, asset management and tax planning -- working collaboratively with specialists in these respective areas, as needed.

    Finances are dynamic. Our ongoing services recognize this by incorporating a financial plan update process concurrent with the implementation of one’s personal planning strategy.