Kathy Grady has been involved with triathlons for more than 20 years. She won her age group at the Des Moines 70.3 and even finished 3rd in her age group at the Oregon 70.3–with an injury!

This extraordinary athlete and high-performing coach is here to discuss her journey in triathlon, her experience with coaching, and how she is actively overcoming injury.

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How Kathy got started as a triathlete

Kathy Grady has always been involved in the aquatics world. As a swim coach and aquatics director, swimming comes naturally to her. But when a friend suggested she participate in a triathlon she balked at the idea of running.

Even though it was a challenge for her, she gave the triathlon a shot. She did a fantastic job with the swim and the bike, but as she thought, her run was rough.

She decided to try another triathlon and put more effort into her running training. Three weeks after her first race she completed her second triathlon and won! After that, she was hooked.

How triathlon has changed Kathy’s life

Kathy enjoys a lot about triathlon, but most of all she has found that she loves the people she trains with. Working with a team not only provides accountability but also keeps her motivated and provides an amazing group of people to share the experience with.

A pivotal moment in Kathy’s triathlon career was when she decided to become a certified triathlon coach. This was a logical step for her since she had always been a swim coach. However, becoming a triathlon coach changed the way she trained. Before becoming a coach she didn’t follow a consistent training program. She has learned since then that consistency is the key to success.

How Kathy trained for her 3rd place finish at the Oregon 70.3

After winning the Des Moines 70.3 Kathy ended up with a deep bone bruise on her knee which required 4 weeks of rest. This only gave her 3 weeks to train for the Oregon race. Since she was still experiencing knee issues, she couldn’t train very hard.

As she jumped in the water for the race she felt something in her knee pop and knew that meant trouble ahead. While she never intended to complete the race, she pushed herself forward to complete the run–and ended up paying the price.

Listen in to learn how that decision affected her and what she has learned from it.

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