Do you ever think about the future of triathlon? It lies with the next generation.

Christina Dorrer is an inspirational triathlete who is breaking the barriers of multisport so that kids from all walks of life can participate.

In this episode of Money Mile, you’ll hear a bit about Christina’s accomplishments, as well as about those of the kids she has been training through her nonprofit Fit 2 B Kids.

If you are excited about the idea of getting kids into triathlon, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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How Christina got started in triathlon

Christina Dorrer’s husband was in the military for 20 years so they moved all over the country. One way that Christina could surround herself with a community of like-minded people was through triathlon.

As a personal trainer, she was inspired to coach others from the start of her very first race. She got other women at the gym where she worked to join her and coached them as they all prepared for that first race.

Ever since, Christina has been coaching all around the country. She has even risen to a level 3 USAT coach as well as a USA Cycling, USA Swimming, and Ironman U coach.

How Christina is giving back to her community through triathlon

Now that she has settled in the DC area she has found a way to give back to her community. She wanted to build a program to get kids into triathlon which is why she created Fit 2 B Kids. This nonprofit is currently geared towards highschool aged kids and introduces them to the sport.

She loves watching the kids use their determination to develop grit to accomplish their goals.

She has found joy in creating a thriving, accomplished community of young athletes. Paying it forward has been the best investment she has made in the sport.

How Fit 2 B Kids works

Through her sponsors, she has been able to purchase 10 triathlon training bikes with Wahoo Kickr Snaps and provide everything the kids need to practice and succeed in the sport.

These kids are often novice swimmers and since many don’t have access to bikes at home, some don’t even know how to ride them.  In spite of these challenges, the kids find biking to be the most enjoyable part of the program.

They swim, bike, and run all in one location, and thanks to the Wahoo bikes, they can participate in a ride anywhere in the world and see the route and data from their ride on screen. They can see where they are on the course and how they compare to one another.

Why Fit 2 B Kids is revolutionary

Christina has created a revolutionary training program since she has found a way to gamify their training. At the end of the 12-week program, the kids participate in a gamified version of a triathlon event. They love the fun, accessible way the sport is presented and are encouraged to continue onward to the next program.

Christina and her coaches develop the kids’ mindset and teach them to break down their own barriers.

Through building this program, Christina has opened the doors to the next generation of triathletes. She is inspired to grow a new generation of women that will continue triathlon into college and beyond.

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